Kimi ga Shine ―Tasuketsu Death Game― (Your Turn To Die ―Death Game By Majority―) is a free online Japanese visual novel created and developed by Nankidai. It was originally released on NicoNico for the browser. With permission, it's been translated into English by vgperson as Your Turn to Die -Death Game By Majority-.

The plot revolves around Sara Chidouin and her friend Joe Tazuna, who are kidnapped and forced into playing a Death Game by a mysterious organization. They meet 10 others in the same situation as them, trapped in a facility with no way to escape other than play along.

Main Characters
Participants of the Death Game, whom you meet after surviving the First Trial.

Touch a person's face to hear their statement.

My name is Sara Chidouin.
I'm Jou Tazuna, but everyone calls me Joe. Me and Sara are high school classmates.
My name's Keiji Shinogi. Workin' as a policeman.
I'll say... I'm Kanna Kizuchi...
Q-taro Burgerberg! I'm a baseball player! Second-string, though!
My name's Sou Hiyori. Err... well. Just a job-hopper. Ahaha...
...Name's Reko Yabusame. I'm a singer-songwriter.
My name is Nao Egokoro! It's thanks to Professor Mishima that I attend an art college now!
...I am Kai Satou. I'm a rather unremarkable homemaker.
My name is Gin Ibushi, woof! I'm a 6th grader, meow!
My real name is Alice Yabusame... I'm Reko's older brother.
Hello, I am Kazumi Mishima. I teach at a certain high school... Mwahaha...

The dummies are dolls with the AI of participants who died during the First Trial of the Death Game.

Click on the dialogue box to move on to the next person's statement.

Bwahaha... Good to meet you. ...I'm Kurumada.
Floor Masters
The floor masters serve as guides for their respective floors. They guide the main characters through various trials and the Main Game.

Click on the dialogue box to move on to the next person's statement.

I’m the master of the room. You can call me Meister.
Sue Miley
Heehee. My name is Sue Miley, the Laughing Doll. I am the doll who will guide you on the first and second floors. Ehee.
Main Game
"The basic rules are quite simple. One person will be selected by majority vote, and that person will die. That is all."

The Main Game is the main portion of the Death Game in which all participants are forced to play under threat of death. It is divided into two sections. The first half of the game, the preliminary round, is to determine half the preferred candidates of who will die. The second half is used to determine who it is safe to vote for. In the end, it is guaranteed that at least two of the participants will die.
The Main Game has four roles. Each has a different consequence for receiving the majority vote.

Hover over a card to view its respective role.
The commoner card has no ability.
If they receive the majority vote, they and the sacrifice die.
The keymaster is safe and has immunity as long as everyone knows they're the keymaster.
If they receive the majority vote, everyone dies.
The sage knows who the keymaster is, and cannot lie about it.
If they receive the majority vote, they and the sacrifice die.
The sacrifice gets two votes.
If they receive the majority vote, everyone except them and a person of their choosing dies. To survive, they must receive the majority vote.
Ready To Play?
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But before that, let us hold one final majority vote.