original release date: 10.26.21
date obtained: 4.15.22
obtained from: bigbadtoystore

a few delays from bbts later and i finally have her: the hatsune miku sporty maid noodle stopper!

i absolutely love noodle stoppers, and sitting figures in general. they're small, cute, and take up very little space! oh, you no longer have any space to put standing figures? just buy some sitting figures and put them on the ledge of the shelf!

but anyways, let's get into the actual figure! here is the packaging! one of the best packaging i've seen! it definitely cemented my confidence in ordering from bbts.

and here is the box! a very cute box in my opinion! i love the illustration on the side!


taking her out of her box shows that she's in a blister. some noodle stopper figures don't come in blisters but are loose in their box instead. i absolutely hate this, so i'm grateful that she had a blister!

here she is out of the blister! she's smaller than i expected - even smaller than my other miku noodle stoppers. i don't mind this though!

she's quite detailed considering her size! her face and paint job are one of my favorites of all miku noodle stoppers, right next to the miku china noodle stopper!

i absolutely love her outfit as well. i may be biased because i'm goth and dress in black dresses, but her dress is so adorable and suits her so well!

overall, there's not much to say about her. she's cute, she's a noodle stopper, she's a cute noodle stopper. the illustration was conveyed in figure form very well. i highly recommend getting her if you want a small cute figure that doesn't take up any space at all!

overall rating: