original release date: 10.20.21
date obtained: 1.24.22
obtained from: taobao from superbuy

after almost two years of waiting for the release, a complicated ordering process done in a language i don't speak nor understand, and a long shipping delay, i obtained my most prized treasure: the myethos shaohua hatsune miku figure. this is probably one of the most difficult miku figures to obtain only due to the fact that it was only available in china (myethos is a chinese company). if you wanted to buy this figure, you either had to buy it through taobao (which is only in chinese), use a proxy and suffer through a long complicated ordering process, or pay significantly more than retail price to buy it from an english site like sugotoys or resellers like mercari and ebay.

i bit the bullet a year ago and decided to preorder her using superbuy, a taobao proxy. only, i accidently ordered three of her because i couldn't understand chinese! i had to accept my losses and kept only one order. i paid a bit lower than retail price thanks to preorder bonuses, and got a free screen for the figure! shipping though.... it was absolute hell. it was over half the price of the figure!!! i almost cried but this miku was definitely worth it. she currently goes for more than what i paid for her, and it'll probably increase in the future! after almost three months after she initially shipped, she unexpectedly arrived at my doorstep. let's look at her!!!!

i got too excited and forgot to take a picture of the packaging... so here she is in her box!

she was extremely well packaged! her box is simple but beautiful and showcases the figure well!


taking her out of the box and removing all of the plastic reveals a beautiful figure! i decided to remove her default hand and place the hand holding the fan instead.

here is the back as well, including her hair.

she is very well painted! carefully inspecting her reveals absolutely no errors at all! here is a closer look at her face.

and here is a sideview.

myethos definitely did not spare any details! her face is beautiful, and her fan, her dress, her hair, everything is well painted. just look how beautiful the plants around her are!

here is a look at her screen. the 'wood' has a plasticy feel to it, but the screen itself feels like paper. the details were beautiful as well.

overall, i think this is the best figure i have ever seen. she was definitely worth the price. even though the process was rough, i don't regret ordering her at all. here she is in her entirety!

i am sold on myethos figures. i've always heard good things about the company, but seeing one of their figures in person has made me a big fan. their quality does not disappoint, and neither does their prices.

i put miku on my shelf far away from my other figures to prevent my cat from getting to her. yesterday (3.13.22) i decided to put her back into her box to prevent any damage and dust. she is beautiful, and remains my most prized figure so far. if you have the chance to obtain her, i say go for it! you won't regret it!

overall rating: