original release date: 11.15.18
original rerelease date: 12.xx.21
date obtained: 4.29.22
obtained from: amiami

this is a figure i've wanted for quite a long time! when i began collecting in 2019, i saw her - the hatsune miku 2nd season winter figure! she was absolutely adorable and i had to have her. unfortunately she was sold out, and i didn't know how to obtain figures second-hand just yet. she sat at the back of my mind semi-forgotten until the end of last year. she was getting a rerelease! i immediately pre-ordered her and waited patiently for her to arrive. let's look at her now that we finally have her!


i love the colors used for the box! her illustration is as adorable as i thought it would be! let's take her out of her box (free her)!

i didn't expect for the halo to be separated from her body, to be quite honest. it makes sense though, haha. let's further free her and begin assembling!

her halo was difficult to put in correctly, but the figure itself does not disappoint! what else can i say other than: she's so CUTE! the paint job was excellent, her face is adorable, her outfit, her colors... AH!!!

here are some closeups of some of her details! 10/10!

to end this, i'll admit that i almost cancelled my preorder. i've been trying to collect less prize figures and invest in more pricy but detailed scale figures. i'm glad i didn't do so! she was as cute as i first imagined in 2019. she might be one of my last prize figures, but i'm happy i ended my prize figure saga with a bang!

overall rating: