original release date: 3.36.21
date obtained: 7.30.21
obtained from: mercari

a bit of backstory for obtaining this figure: i initially preordered her months ago when she was first announced. unfortunately, she decided to ship just when i was moving, so i barely missed her and my package was sent back :( i opted to buy her off of mercari preowned for $20, and here we are!

anyways, let's look at her box!


her box is a pretty shade of pink! i love her illustration! the illustration was what made me preorder her when she was first unveiled!

opening the box shows that she doesn't come with a blister, only bubble wrap. personally, i despise figures that are packaged like this. not only is it harder to put them away when you need to, but the lack of a blister means that figure moves around in transit. anyways, let's see if the illustration translated well to reality:

so far, she looks great! the colors used are a nice pastel pink. she's small, which i expected. there are minor imperfections, which is also expected of a prize figure. one thing i don't really like is her face:

in the illustration, miku is clearly looking at the viewer. but in her figure form, she looks kind of... spaced out. almost as if she's dissociating. to be honest, i almost canceled my preorder when her prototype was revealed because of her face. her illustration was so cute! why did they opt to make her face like that? it still kind of bothers me now, but i'll keep her.

one thing i really liked is how her fingers are combing through her hair:

it's such a neat and unique detail! i expected them to make her hair just sit there on her hand, but they actually went ahead and made it look like she's combing her hair!

overall, i really like her! she has some flaws here and there, but they outweigh how cute she is!

here she is, sitting on my shelf with all my other noodle stoppers and sitting figures:

overall rating: