original release date: 2.20.21
date obtained: 7.31.21
obtained from: tokyo otaku mode

after waiting for months, she's finally here: the sakura miku 2021 version! i have the previous years' sakura mikus, so i was anxiously waiting for this one! unfortunately, tokyo otaku mode tends to ship out their figures months after the original release date, so i had to wait 5 months to receive her... that's the last time i'm ordering from tokyo otaku mode!

let's start with her packaging! tokyo otaku mode always packages their items well!

haha... why is the bubble wrap kind of loose at the bottom? the box is fine, right?

...it's dented on the top. thanks tokyo otaku mode! :D

box-denting aside, let's look at the actual box:


this is my favorite sakura miku box yet! the sakuras and the sky behind miku really sell the figure well! the illustration is beautiful as well!

opening the box shows that miku is in a blister, with her twin-tails separated from her head. a flower is present, which goes in her hand. here she is, fully assembled:

the first thing i noticed after assembling her is that her right leg peg wouldn't fully go into the base.

i don't really mind this, but the fact that the peg won't fully go in may cause problems in the future. namely, the peg could break if i apply any amount of force.

moving on, i also noticed that miku's color is a little darker than her box makes her out to be. her box shows her as a light pastel pink, but in person she's more of a dusty rose. not much of a problem, but putting her side by side with her former years' counterparts clearly show the color difference.

the best part of the figure is her face. her eyes are bright and very detailed, almost like a scale figure's!

i also really like the sakura she's holding! it adds so much to the figure! it can be removed if wanted, but she looks so much better with it!

overall, this is definitely my favorite sakura miku so far. i can't wait to see what taito gives us next year! i put her on the middle of my shelf:

overall rating: