original release date: 6.28.22
date obtained: 10.21.22
obtained from: tokyo otaku mode

when i first saw her, i KNEW i had to have her. hatsune miku? check. noodle stopper? check. trans colors? check!!!

although i generally dislike ordering from tokyo otaku mode, i decided to buy her on there because i had a birthday coupon and points to spare. yet this meant a long wait due to tokyo otaku mode's infamous delays... but now, seven months later, she is in my hands! let's get a look at her packaging!

the package was a lot smaller than i was expecting. it was packaged very well though so that's a plus. let's get a better look at the box!


i absolutely love the box design! i might be biased because my favorite colors are blue and pink, but it's just so cute! the art is especially adorable! i love how the zero is a heart on her left shoulder. it's a great attention to detail, especially for a prize figure. and judging by the pictures on the box, the figure translated very well from the art. but anyway, let's open the box.

upon opening the box and pulling out the clamshell, something i didn't expect at all fell out. it was a postcard of the figure art!


i do believe this is one of the first times a postcard has been included together with a prize figure. at the very least, i don't think i've ever really seen this done. an appreciated surprise nonetheless! i didn't know where to put it though so i left it in the box for now. let's get a look at the actual figure now!


she has the general prize figure flaws, some sloppy painting in some parts, and a poor hair sculpt, but she's so cute! she's also exceptionally tiny, which explains the small box size. i don't mind this at all though! her tiny size goes well with her theme of a shy young school girl.

her outfit, the details, the colors, what is there not to love? overall i think she's my favorite noodle stopper thus far! i can't wait to see other unique miku designs in the future. here she is sitting on my shelf next to her sisters.

overall rating: