original release date: 5.27.13
original rerelease dates: 6.19.13, 6.16.14
date obtained: 9.13.21
obtained from: mfc user sale

i have many miku nendoroids, but i didn't have the original one. so, i decided to change that! i bought her from a mfc user: the hatsune miku 2.0 nendoroid!

i decided to get the 2.0 version instead of her predecessor, mostly because the 2.0 version comes with more accessories and looks better.

she was second-hand and listed as 'great condition'. i don't mind buying figures second-hand. in fact, almost all of the figures i own are second-hand! anyways, let get into her packaging and box!

her box is bigger than most recent nendoroid boxes are today! (note: i already took her out of the blister after realizing that i forgot to take pictures -_-)


taking her out of the box shows that she comes with many accessories!

time to start assembling her! umm... i broke one of the hair pegs when trying to change her hair...

it's a big problem with older nendoroids. the parts become brittle and break easily. fortunately i can buy spare nendoroid parts from chibi chop shop so it wasn't a big deal for me! don't make the same mistake as me and carefully apply parts!

it was difficult deciding how exactly i wanted to pose her! i ultimately went with her sitting down pose so i could display her on my computer desk!

she's absolutely adorable! this may be one of my favorite miku nendoroids!

here she is, chilling next to kyo!

and finally, here she is on my computer desk! i hope my cat doesn't knock her down...

all in all, i really love her! i especially like that she comes with so many accessories. nendoroids nowadays cost $50-$60 and come with very little. miku's original price was $30 and she comes with so much!

i also really appreciate the fact that she comes with a sitting down pose! nendoroids are impossible to sit down, so this was a pleasant surprise!

overall rating: