it's been quite a while since i've written a diary entry! i've been so busy with school! i'm a full-time student with four courses right now. calculus is especially taking up most of my time. honestly, i wish i could just drop out and get a job. i much prefer to work than to study. ;-;

i've been watching tokyo revengers in my very little spare time! i haven't watched an anime since fruits basket ended months ago. i'm on episode 12, and it's really good so far! i'm a big fan of time travel anime, which i didn't know it was going to be when i first started (i went in blind). i'm really excited to know what comes next! i may just read the manga after i finish the anime, something i don't do often.

all in all, life is alright right now. eat, study, and sleep is pretty much the gist of it. i can't wait for christmas break...

i've been drawing a lot more recently! i used to draw a lot back when i was a teen, but have lost the passion to do so until now. i want to improve my skills and learn how to color and shade! i also want to document my improvements in the 'art' tab. one day, i'll look back and i'll be proud of how far i've come!

as for movies, i've watched hereditary, midsommar, and get out this past week. my favorite out of the three has to be get out! the microaggressions the main character experiences are so relatable. seeing him come out as the final boy was so satisfying.

also, school starts this thursday. i'm taking calculus this semester. i'm not looking forward to it. but that's what i get for majoring in computer science. -_-

i'm sick. with a cold. in summer. -_-

i watched parasite last week! it was such a good movie! honestly one of my top fives for sure. i knew the movie was a thriller, but i didn't expect that ending at all. i highly recommend it!

i also ordered a new miku figure today! it's the spm pieretta figure. she should be coming in about a week or two. i'm so excited to get and review her!

i'm currently on a mission to watch more movies! my attention span is terrible, so i want to work on it. today, i managed to watch two movies: jennifer's body, and us. i especially liked us. the ending was great! the twist was unexpected.

other than that, my day was definitely better than yesterday. i went on a walk in the park with my dog. it was a nice day out.

my first diary entry. i have a lot on my mind right now, but not much i really i want to say. today was an uneventful day. i hope tomorrow is better.

i just recently finished binging all of the saw movies. i really liked the first one! the ending was so good. i say this as someone who rarely watches movies. the rest of the movies were great as well, but i honestly think they should have stopped after the first one. either way, the series is very memorable. i plan to watch more horror movies soon!